Human Kneads

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 Nancy Hagenmayer Lopez 

N.Y.S. Licensed Massage Therapist - Lic. No. 005961-1

P.A. Licensed Massage Therapist * - Lic. No. MSG 011900 (Damacus, PA) 

~ In Practice since 1991 ~


Telephone: 516-594-2106

Recent CE's:
IAP Career College Wellness Coach
  Understanding and Treating Generalized Anxiety
and Related Anxiety Disorders
Relief Within Reach: Massage & Stress
Staying Well Naturally
12 Self-Care Secrets
Twelve Steps to Integrate Body, Mind and Spirit
Creating Healthy Boundaries


A One Size Fits All Gift

Functional & Therapeutic

Why Massage?


Treatments are tailored to each individual.

Why Stretch?

Postural issues are the root cause of most chronic Muscular/skeletal conditions. 

Muscles that are locked short are a principal factor in these conditions.

Skilled stretching techniques re-educate muscles and restore healthy resting lengths... 

we feel longer, wider, more alive. 

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