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How much blood can you stand to loose?

Thank you Catherine and George for your GREAT question!!

How much blood you could loose before real trouble?

Loss of 10-15% of total blood volume can be endured without needing any clinical intervention.

A blood donation typically takes 8-10% of the donor’s blood volume.

Class I Hemorrhage - 15% blood loss - typically no change in vital signs.

Class II Hemorrhage - 15-30% blood loss - rapid heart beat, start to look pale and feel cool since body is trying to compensate by constricting the vessels - Saline solution may be given.

Class III Hemorrhage  - 30-40% blood loss - blood pressure drops, heart rate increases, mental status worsens. Blood transfusion is necessary.

Class IV Hemorrhage - >40% blood loss - This is the limit - aggressive resuscitation is required to prevent death.

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