Human Kneads

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Keeping it Local

3311 Royal Avenue
Oceanside, NY 11572
A quaint facility, located on Reed Channel.
Use the 'sidedoor' entrance (Suite B) on the left side of the building.

Ample Parking 

Enter here 

Ground level 

I've chosen to set up within this yoga studio, as it will afford ample room to maneuver. We not only have table space, and floor space, we have the facility to ourselves. This allows flexabiltiy - literally and figuratively - to address any ailment as needed, as well as, to utilize the Myofacial Release techniques, I've been studying. There are also awesome workshop possibilities. (more to come on that later...)
Given the platforms provided at this facility, a few policies need to be adhered to:
* Pretty Please *
No fragrances or strong perfumes
No shoes on the yoga studio floor
No food
Welcome to my little corner of the world