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Stress Workshop FAQ's

Who should attend?

Anyone who wishes to better understand stress and anxiety, as well as learn tools to work with the body to manage the negative effects. Not only will you reduce stress and lessen anxiety, you'll curtail tension, and elevate mood. 

How long is the Workshop?

Approximately 90 minutes. 

What is included?

A 60 minute Keynote presentation. Additional time for discussion/questions. List of Self-Care Tools/Summary. A self-guided Perceived Stress Scale. A 30% discount voucher for massage. CBD samples. Lavendar or Cedar Bath Salts. Optional bonus section for Parents/Kids. (No add'l charge.)  

Why did you create this Workshop?

My personal reason, has to do with CAPD. My daughter was diagnosed with CAPD in 2011. This hereditary disorder has been handed down to me from my mother. When stress levels escalate in my household, the issues associated with CAPD are sorely exaserbated.

My professional reasons revolve around the many clients that have presented to my office with stress related ailments. Hence, I've attended numerous Continuing Education classes, read umpteen articles, medical reports, books, and so on, all focusing on some aspect of stress reduction. The goal, of course, was to help clients, but also my family, move closer to overall health and well-being. A particular favorite area of focus is Psychoneuroimmunology (aka The Mind/Body/Immune System Connection)

This Workshop is a culmination of my interests (aka obsession), or purpose driven passion.

Workshop Footnotes and References 

Listed here.   

What is CAPD?

Central Auditory Processing Disorders "are problems with one or more aspects of the central nervous system’s processing of auditory information coming from our auditory nerves into something useful." Simply said, it has to do with what the brain does with the information the ears hear. A few relevant symptoms: Inability to block out meaningless/excess background noise, sensitivity to sounds, feels like you're at a very loud crowded party, auditory overload and fatigue are common. If you would like to know more, click here -> What is CAPD?

What is Psychoneuroimmunology? 

Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) is the science that investigates the Mind/Body/Immune System Connection. Our bodies remember - good, bad, or indifferentexperiences, and tag the significant with deep feeling. The body is the mind. (specifically the deeper mind)


Discovering how bodywork sometimes elicits an emotional response and/or painful memories in clients, because it can directly trigger neuropeptide sites (neurotransmitters) and bring imprinted experiences into consciousness, was pivotal. It validated what I have witnessed throughout 27+ years of practice.


“For this is the great error of our day that the physicians separate the soul from the body” ~ Hippocrates  


What future Workshops topics can we expect?

The next Workshop will cover Postural Patterns and their effect on Mental/Emotional/Physical Connections. We dive deeper into PNI.