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Face Lift Massage

Looking worn out? Tired? Drained??

Would you like a healthier, firmer, more fresh-faced appearance?

Face the mirror with renewed confidence. 

JB - September 2, 2019



JB - September 2, 2019



Note: Reduction of wrinkles. Creases smoothed. Deep furrows between the eyebrows are minimized. Pore size reduced. Skin is more supple and has a rosy glow.

JB - September 2, 2019


Before/After 1st Treatment

Side View Note: Lifted cheek 'bones.' Reduction of wrinkles. Creases smoothed. Lifting of eyelids. Furrow between the eyebrows minimized.

JB - September 21, 2019



JB - September 21, 2019



Note: Further lifted and smoothed forehead. Reduction of wrinkles.  Creases smoothed. (Crow’s feet, laugh lines and frown lines.) Deep hallows under eyelids reduced. Eyebrows and eyelids are elevated providing a more alert and fresh-faced appearance. Deep furrows between the eyebrows are further minimized. Skin is tighter, more supple and toned, as well as, has a vibrant even glow. Fuller, rosy lips.

Before/After 3rd Treatment 

JB - October 13, 2019



JB - October 13, 2019



Note: Continued improvement of skin color and tone. Rosy, healthy glow. Eyelids, cheek 'bones,' jawline all lifted and tighter. Tissue is plump, more elastic, hydrated and supple. Chin puffiness and crepey texture reduced.

Before/After 4th Treatment 


Before Treatment/1st Image
(September 2, 2019) 


After/5th Treatment
(October 27, 2019) 

Note: Marked improvement and notable facial rejuvenation. Deep furrows, creases and wrinkles all reduced. Overall facial skin lifted and tightened.

Before 1st Treatment / After 5th Treatment 

JB / Client Comments:

"The face treatment was very relaxing. I could feel the tension release its hold on my face, forehead and neck muscles. I think I even fell asleep. I felt renewed circulation around my forehead, eyes, neck and mouth. In fact, my skin had a pinkish healthier glow. It did not look so shallow in color. For hours and days after the treatment my face muscles seemed to be tightening slightly. I did the follow-up face exercises to help the process." 

FL-September 6, 2019



FL-September 6, 2019



Note: Forehead smoother. Reduction of wrinkles. Creases smoothed. Appearance of scar (left side/forehead) softer and reduced. Rosy, even skintone. Jowl/marionette lines below mouth lifted. Dark circles and puffiness under eyes reduced. Eyes lifted and brighter. Skin is tighter, more toned, as well as has a vibrant fresh-faced glow. 

(FL / 1st treatment - Before/After)

FL-September 30, 2019



FL-September 30, 2019



Note: Forehead smoother. Reduction of wrinkles. Lifting of eyelids, especially left eye. Overall puffiness reduced. Skin tone brighter and more even. More alert and fresh-faced appearance.

(FL / 2nd treatment - Before/After)

FL / Client Comments:

"One of the first things I noticed was the increased blood flow to my head. My face felt light and bright, if that makes sense. The puffiness under my eyes seems to be lessened and the chicken-neck is tighter." 

Why Face Lift Massage?


Free from harmful chemicals and surgery.

Non-invasive technique.

Facial rejuvenation fosters a sense of well-being and relaxation to enhance inner and outer beauty.

Completely natural.

What you can expect from FLM treatment: *


Sweeping moves that gently exfoliate the skin, slough off dead cells and refine pores to reveal healthy glowing skin that breathes.


Your skin will feel nourished, soft and beautiful. 

Wrinkles and crow’s feet are reduced, under eye puffiness is decreased, habitual expression lines (laugh lines, frown lines, etc.) are smoothed. The precise FLM techniques frees constriction in the connective tissue and facial muscles. Deep seated tensions are released, allowing the facial tissues to glide smoothly over the deeper layers of muscle and bone.

FLM tones and firms facial contours. 

Do not need to disrobe for treatment.

No oils, lotions, or creams used. 

*  Results may vary due to: Telltale patterns of Daily Stress, Excess Salt, Lack of Sleep, Exposure to Sun, Smoking, Age, underlying Muscle Tone, follow-through with recommended Facial Exercises, Proper Hydration, overall Health Routine, etc.  

Time to about face your face with wholistic Face Lift Massage.

Rejuvenate your skin and reduce signs of aging with Face Lift Massage. 
Results are visible after the first treatment, although five 1-hour sessions, at least once a week are initially recommended for accumulative effects. 
A series of 8-10 treatments, once or twice a week, are recommended for accelerated, longer lasting results.
The benefits are cumulative and truly outstanding.

Single Treatment - $100.00 


Basic Package:

5 Treatments - 1 Session a week for 5 weeks

($500 $450 = $90/tx)

Personalized Facial Exercise Routine

Before and After Photos

Intensive Package:

10 treatments - 1-2 Session(s) a week for 5 weeks *

($1000 $850 = $85/tx)

Personalized Facial Exercise Routine

Before and After Photos 


* Consistency is recommended for the first 5 weeks.

Twice a week will provide intensitve results,

or you may use additional sessions for 'touch-up's' as needed. 


Natural Facelift Massage G3
32 hours - Esperson Seminars of Continuing Education
August 16-19, 2019 



According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons:

The average cost of face lift is $7,655.00.

The average cost of cosmetic eyelid surgery is $3,163.00.


These are estimate surgeon fees only. It does not include anesthesia, operating room facilities or other related expenses.

Additional factors: Recovery time discomfort, swelling, redness and bruising, lost time from work, risk of an unnatural appearance, a procedure gone wrong, infection, medication reactions...



Botox injections can cost hundreds per area treated. 

A toxin called onobotulinumtoinA is injected into muscle to prevent it from moving. (a.k.a. a type of food poisoning.) 

All About Vision outlined Botox injections and side effects. Complications range from: Pain at the injection site, infection, inflammation, swelling, redness, bleeding, bruising, itching, wheezing, asthma, a rash, red welts, dizziness, faintness, dry mouth, fatigue, headache and neck pain have been reported.

Other side effects can include: Numbness, droopy eyelids, muscle spasms or twitching, and migration of the substance.