Human Kneads

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Back to School Family Special

It's here....

The hustle - the early morning bustle - the long lists of to-do’s.

Yup... Back to School

Take steps to start the school year off on a good note, ready to take on the world.

Family Massage Special

3-1/2 hrs - $325.00 *


1 Hour

1 Hour

1/2 Hour 

1/2 Hour 

1/2 Hour 

Share the sessions anyway you’d like:

An hour for Mom

An hour for Dad

Half-hours for that awesome student!

Massage reduces stress, anxiety and depression

Promotes better Sleep

Helps with Clarity and Focus

Massage is a Healthy Self-care and Coping Option


Sessions must be used within 4 months 

* Please reach out for additional professional support as needed. Referral list > Recommendations  (Divorce Coach/Life Coach - Psychologist - Chiropracter)