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Q.    How do I know my child will be able to use The Outfit Organizer.
A.     Each illustration was created with children in mind.  In fact, they were created with the help of a 4-1/2 year old! (and her Mommy :)  We cut and pasted and once the dust settled - or should I say, glue dried - we had simple, visual aids which require no ability to read.  The package is sealed by an easy zip lock slider.

Q.    Isn't this just adding more work?
A.    Initially, you do have to sit with your child to come up with agreeable choices. 
Although it consumes time at first, it can be viewed as great parent-child time, as well as a learning experience.  And for that one time you sit and choose, you get days and days of pre-assembled choices. 

As you complete your outfit choices, rather than placing the outfits directly into the dresser drawer, simply place them into a corresponding weather related bag. 

Previously, if your child pulled everything out of their drawers you had a mess.  Clothes unfolded and mixed up... back to organizing - again...  Now, with The Outfit Organizer bags, the clothing stays contained, neat, and folded.  Simply throw the packages back in the drawer!  In moments you are back in order!

By adding that one step in the beginning - filling the storage bags - you save step after step overall.  For days following - actually weeks - your child will be able to choose a complete outfit simply by knowing the weather of the day! 

Q.    What size clothing actually fits in these bags?
A.    The bags are gallon size zip lock.  They are suitable up to 8+ years of age.  My daughter is almost 8, and tall... even her winter outfits fit easily.

Q.    How durable is the product?
A.    The bags are heavy grade plastic, stronger than what you purchase in the super-market.  This makes them re-useable time and time again.  The labels are professionally printed and water resistant.   Our set has lasted well over a year... and still going...

Q.    Is any assembly required?
A.    The Outfit Organizer set requires no assembly.  The labels have been adhered for you.  

        The Sort'a Tags do require some assembly.  Foam tape is provided along with the plastic hangers.  Simply peel the tape and stick the label to the hanger.  Or, use the extra tape provided to adhere the label directly to your bin.... simple.

Mothers, Fathers & Kids everywhere would benefit from these organizational systems.  Give them a Gift that is functional and unique!  Perfect for Special Occasions, Holidays or Just Because!!

Send check or money orders along with Order Form to:
Muddle Master, Inc.,
476 Pearl Street, Oceanside, N.Y.  11572