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Sort'a Tags are here to super simplify the laundry sorting process.  Each Sort'a Tag set consists of three illustrated tags.   Assorted clothing selections are portrayed.  i.e. Dark Colors for dark laundry, Mixed Colors for mixed or medium, and Whites for whites or pastels.  Tags are laminated for durability, and attach easily with either our plastic fastener or double sided foam tape.  Sort'a Tags are best used with a canvas three-bin laundry basket.*

SORT'A TAGS - Set = Dark, Mixed, & White
12 double sided foam tape & 3 Plastic Hangers

A heaping pile of mixed-up laundry?

Or organized, sorted and ready to go?!

*Three-bin laundry basket not included  

Just place one on each section, of a three-bin laundry basket, and you're ready to get organized.  Only this time... with these simple visual aids - you can enlist help!

Sort'a Tags
$10.00 shipping included

When someone shares something of value with you, and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others. Laughing

Mothers, Fathers & Kids everywhere would benefit from these organizational systems.  Give them a Gift that is functional and unique!  Perfect for Special Occasions, Holidays or Just Because!!

Send check or money orders along with Order Form to:
Muddle Master, Inc.,
476 Pearl Street, Oceanside, N.Y.  11572