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Sort'a Tags

  • Keep in mind that each bin of a three-bin laundry basket is the perfect size for a wash load.  With Sort'a Tags your soiled clothes are always pre-sorted.  Thanks to Sort'a Tags, you are actually one step ahead!

The Outfit Organizers

  • No special storage boxes or extra space is needed.  Remember to squeeze all the air out of the bags so they take up less space.

  • Packing for anything is now a SNAP!  Just grab & go.
    Camp - Vacations - Sleep-overs - Care-takers - Grandma's House - Day Care - Even for those 'fashion challenged want-to-bes' Foot in mouth

  • Include the entire ensemble... socks or stockings, even underwear.  This makes independent dressing even more successful.  Setting up all the combinations may be time consuming at first, but your efforts will pay off many times over!

  •  Sit with your child... make agreeable outfit choices together.   When children are a part of the decision making process, they feel proud of what they are wearing. 

  • Don't stress!  No matter how much little hands rummage... with the Outfit Organizer bags, a clean, neat and orderly drawer is not far off!  You have eliminated searching for matching tops and/or bottoms, so there will be no need to re-rearrange clothes and/or drawers!   Decision making is made simple, day after day.
  • Remember!  Praise, praise, praise for a job well done!
      With this simple formula for success, your child can, and will, accomplish something to be proud of.
Be disciplined.  
Do what is needed, when needed. 
Someday it will enable you to do the things you want...
when you want.

Mothers, Fathers & Kids everywhere would benefit from these organizational systems.  Give them a Gift that is functional and unique!  Perfect for Special Occasions, Holidays or Just Because!!

Send check or money orders along with Order Form to:
Muddle Master, Inc.,
476 Pearl Street, Oceanside, N.Y.  11572